Discovery AIM: Structural Tutorials

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These video tutorials will expand your learning with ANSYS Discovery AIM with content specific to mechanical design.  Structural Tutorials  begins with an introductions to the guided workflow and the the following videos dive deeper into more advanced simulations and control.


1) Structural Simulation: Learn the basics of how to setup, solve and visualize the results of a structural simulation.

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2) Structural Assembly Brace:  Learn how to  setup a structural simulation of a small brace assembly by specifying inputs, contact conditions and material.  See how to mesh and visual the stress and deformation in the model due to loading.  

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3) Structural Assembly Manual Meshing:  Learn how to  set meshing controls in a structural simulation of a simply assembly to properly refine the mesh in the appropriate areas.  This video shows how to capture areas of detail and points of interest while minimizing processing time.

Download File (Same as #2)


4) Insertion Force Prediction:  Learn how to  simulate the insertion of a plastic buckle in order to predict insertion forces, using non-linear contact between the 2 bodies.

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