Discovery Live: Fluids Tutorials

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These video tutorials will help you expand your knowledge of fluid flow simulation in Discovery Live.  After completing the Getting Started section, follow these tutorials to dive deeper into the internal and external flow simulations.  These tutorials use the built-in and additional models provided below. 

First are the Internal Fluid Flow tutorials, followed by External Fluid Flow.

Internal Fluid Flow

1A) Internal Fluids Simulation: Learn the basics of how to setup, solve and visualize the results of an internal fluid flow simulation.

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2A) Internal Results Visualization: Learn about the visualization capabilities in Discovery Live when working with internal fluid flow simulations. 


3A) Import, Setup & Edit: Learn how to create a basic internal fluids simulation with ANSYS Discovery Live.

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4A) Internal Fluid w/Thermal: Learn how to setup a fluid flow analysis with thermal effect and make changes to the model to achieve different engineering goals.

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External Fluid Flow

1B) External Setup & Results: Learn how to create a basic external fluids simulation with ANSYS Discovery Live.


2B) Import, Setup & Results: Learn how to solve a basic external aerodynamics simulation using a geometry that is imported into Discovery Live.  

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3B) External Results Visualization: Learn additional details on results visualization, including contours, streamlines, iso-surface, composite rendering, particles, manipulating results planes, charts and other such items.

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4B) Enclosure Manipulation: Learn how to manipulate the enclosure of a external fluids simulation such as change size or add slip symmetry.

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5B) Scripted Geometry Creation: Learn how to record and replay the creation of aerodynamic geometry inside of a wind tunnel while making parametric changes.

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Please continue your learning and expansion of knowledge with the following list of Discovery Live tutorials, organized by application.

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