Discovery SpaceClaim: Sheet Metal

Once you've completed the Getting Started Tutorials, these Sheet Metal tutorials will help you continue on your journey of learning with Discovery SpaceClaim.  You will learn how to create, edit and repair models in the intuitive and powerful Sheet Metal interface.  Whether creating or importing design in Discovery SpaceClaim, you be be able to quickly complete all your press-break style design tasks.  All videos can be streamed directly from this page by clicking them.


1) Sheet Metal Basics - Part 1: This video demonstrates basics of sheet metal in SpaceClaim. In 1st part, this video shows basic tools of sheet metal and how to create sheet metal from scratch.


2) Sheet Metal basics - Part 2: This video demonstrates basics of sheet metal in SpaceClaim. In 2nd part, this video shows basic operations related to flanges and edge treatments in sheet metal.


3) Solid Body to Sheet Metal Conversion in SpaceClaim: This video demonstrates solid body to sheet metal conversion in SpaceClaim. It shows how to convert solid body to shell body first and then convert it into sheet metal.


4) Sheet Metal Tools in SpaceClaim - Hinge, Double Wall and Tab Tool:  This video demonstrates some advanced sheet metal tools. It shows tools like Double wall, Hinge and Tab tool which strengthen parts and reduce the cost of manufacturing.


5) Sheet Metal Repair in Spaceclaim: This video demonstrates sheet metal repairing in SpaceClaim. It shows repairing sheet metal parts for unfolding which come in as surfaces or have inconsistent thicknesses throughout the model.

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